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As most San Diegans already know, this city is a diverse assortment of small villages. Even though San Diego is the 8th largest city in the US, with all the advantages of a major urban area, it has managed to retain its small-town spirit. The energetic feeling of community is strong in San Diego’s varied neighborhoods that have developed their own unique characteristics. There are more than 100 separate, identifiable neighborhoods. Time to choose yours.


La Jolla (in Spanish La Joya) means the Jewel. It is truly the “Jewel by the Sea” with palm-tree-lined hills and magnificent shores. This village contains some of the most valuable real estate in the US.

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La Valencia hotel

Just to the north of La Jolla is Torrey Pines, home to the UCSD campus and medical school. Many high-tech and biotech companies are located here. The two villages are linked with a “town and gown” atmosphere, which contributes greatly to the philanthropic donor base and is an integral part of the La Jolla social scene.

The downtown area has expensive art galleries, boutiques, hotels and famous restaurants. The La Jolla beaches offer something for everyone, quiet coves for swimming, caves for kayaking, sparkling sand for sunbathing, and interesting kelp gardens for snorkeling — not to mention the ever-present seals.

Gated home in La JollaCondo in University City

Housing prices in both neighborhoods will make most people cringe, as this is one of the most expensive real estate markets in the country. Even a small Craftsman-style bungalow can start at $1 million and change. The hills surrounding La Jolla and Torrey Pines boast many multi-million dollar homes and condos.

University City is where the students, young professionals, retired professors, and high-income renters live. Over a third of the residents have graduate degrees. Although you will find single-family detached houses, a majority of the homes are multi-family condos or townhouses, costing less than half a similar home in La Jolla.

La Jolla, San Diego County, California.

Why your friends will envy your La Jolla (or Torrey Pines) home

  1. They will know you are loaded or have a secret bank account.
  2. There is hardly a lovelier place in San Diego to live.

Why you might want to live in University City

  1. Close to your high-tech job and much cheaper than La Jolla or Torrey Pines
  2. You live close to all the amenities of La Jolla or Torrey Pines without the price tag.

Hillside homes in LaJolla

Who lives in La Jolla or Torrey Pines?

  1. Families from old San Diego or California money
  2. Senior executives of innovative companies or those with government contracts
  3. Dual income, highly educated couples, some with kids

Who lives in University City?

  1. Graduate or medical students
  2. Mid-level executives of innovative companies or those with government contracts
  3. Dual income, highly educated couples, some with kids

Univ Town Center shopping mall

What types of homes in La Jolla or Torrey Pines?

  1. Expensive condos
  2. Expensive custom homes
  3. Expensive renovated Craftsman-style bungalows
  4. Expensive Townhouses
  5. Expensive …

What types of homes in University City?

  1. Condos
  2. Townhomes
  3. Some single-family homes

La Jolla home

Local Amenities

  1. World class grade schools, middle schools and high schools
  2. World-class beaches and water activities
  3. World-class shopping, restaurants and art galleries
  4. World-class university and medical school
  5. World-class health care
  6. World-class golfing
  7. A very active civic spirit in La Jolla and Torrey Pines — In University City, they are too busy working hard or studying hard

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